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Phil from Rocket 350 digs us!



"The best (Rock and Roll) band in the City of Charlotte!  We would open for these guys anytime!"

Eric McPhaul - The New Blacks



"Kick @$$ Rock and Roll with a heart of gold.  Sincere rockers like Elvis himself!"

Dave Quick - Heavy Rebel Weekender




"Redneck Rock and Roll that keeps kicking your @$$ over and over again!"

Phil Stair - Rocket 350




"The Tombstone Daddys purvey the classic two guitar boogie quite well- sort of a Slobberbone / Jason & the Scorchers brand of no-frills rock & roll.  Punky, and willfully hillbilly minus all the stupid camp that normally goes along with it."

Tim Davis - Creative Loafing  (Charlotte)



"This band is dedicated to a revved-up sound that's hard as stone but with a soft core.  (The Tombstone Daddys) lean toward influences from the gutsy side of rock and rockabilly"

Debby Jet Jennings - Rock Hill (SC) Herald




"This Charlotte, N.C., quintet is hillbilly-minus-the-kitsch country with a cranky blues temperament, punk with a spine flexible enough for the dance floor at the local juke joint."

Hobart Rowland - Creative Loafing (Atlanta)


"The Tombstone Daddys are Charlotte rockers who always manage to tear up the stage with their own brand of punkabilly and honky tonk."
Samir Shukla - Creative Loafing - (Charlotte)