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Clubs and Events
The Double Door Inn Charlotte's oldest and finest club. Rock, Blues, and Americana every night of the week. Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, JJ Cale, and the Dixie Dregs are just some of the thousands of artists who've graced the stage. We're proud to have played there on several occasions. Thanks Nick!

Rockabilly Babe Check out this cool chick's site to find stuff related to rockabilly, hot rods, and everything else...

The Jinx Formerly the Velvet Elvis, this is Savannah's best rock club and one of our  favorite places to play.

Heavy Rebel Weekender Dave Quick is God. He puts on Elvisfest in January and the HRW with Mike Martin in July. A weekend of the BEST Rockabilly, cowpunk, y'alternative and kick-ass honky tonk you'll ever hear.

Great bands to share the stage with
Billy Joe Winghead Oklahoma's best cowpunkgothindustrial rock and roll band.

Jimmy & the Teasers Jimmy is one guitar thrashin', PBR drinkin', theramin breakin' freak backed by a pair of hot chicks who play the BEST garage punk you've ever heard. TSD gives them a 'must see' rating. Buy Jimmy a few tequila shots at their next show. (Tell him they're from Heather and Dolinger, haw haw.)

Gravy Boat Austin Texas' hardest working honky tonk, punk, and Southern rock band. Not to mention the coolest guys to share a few beers with. We're trying to bring them to Charlotte, stay tuned.

Rocket 350 Great Rockabilly from Atlanta, Ga. Go see 'em and tell Phil we said "Hi".

Crank County Daredevils What Rock and Roll is supposed to sound like. If it's too loud, you're too old.

Gargantua Atlanta's (and the South's) favorite kick-ass Rock and Roll band.





Jeffro sangs them purty ol' country songs real fine...

Carolina Roller Girls kick ass!